Vithal Nagar, Devipada, Borivali (East), Mumbai

Mumbai has always tried to keep pace with its escalating housing needs and affordability has also been a crucial issue in all its housing developments .Low-rise and low cost housing models did not seem to work very well in the urban Indian context. Although these solutions seemed appropriate for the lifestyle of the people residing there, it didn’t address the issue of the urban metropolis where land is a design constraint. In his search for an appropriate solution, the architect rebuked the dominance of low-rise mass housing and probed the possibility of a highrise low cost model..

At the onset, the whole form and structure was derived, thereby reducing all quantities of construction materialsand waste of common spaces. It required lesser external walls and reduced the quantities of plaster and paint.

The Four building blocks are of 7 floors consisting of 400 flats. Connected by two common staircases and lift, each of these units has openings on one wall that opens in common passage area.The proposed open space for each of these buildings has the potential to enhance the community interaction. The elevation has been articulated to blend with modern apartment building