Nexus Project Solutions & Construction Company

Client’s Requirements for Project
  • During Project Development phase, we assist in the process of making an infrastructure idea into a functional facility by identifying financial, geographical, technical and other  barriers  to project development and overcoming them.

  • Feasibility of the project is established.

  • Preliminary estimate planning and budgeting is provided.
Evaluation of Requirements + Scrutiny by NEXUS
  • Design documents are reviewed so as to minimize construction problems and potential delays.

  • Our team also provides recommendations for the feasibility and availability of materials and labor forces based on current market conditions. New and innovative construction techniques to streamline the schedule and ensure client receives the best quality at the optimum value.

  • Cash-flow chart is prepared & finalized.
Pre-Qualify & Shortlist Vendors + Contractors + Consultants
  • Early in design, a preliminary list of bid packages is established. As the design phase progresses, bid packaging recommendations are refined to maximize competition in the current market, maximize M/WBE participation and secure the best pricing for the project.

  • Detailed project requirements for individual packages are established and documented in the applicable specification sections.
Prepare + Invite + Evaluate Tenders
  • Finalize requirement of services - Collect - Data drawings & schematic diagrams.

  • Finalization of specifications - BOQ - in consultations with Consultants.

  • Prepare Bid Notices, develop lists of appropriate bidders and solicit bidders interest.

  • Preparation of Terms and Conditions - General - Special - Financial. Pre-Bid Walk-Throughs, Organized at the site for prospective bidders. These meetings familiarize bidders with site conditions to facilitate their preparation of bids.

  • Identify & prequalify prospective bidder.

  • Issue - Pre bid meeting - Receipt - Scrutiny - Comparative statement.
Negotiation & Award of Contract
  • Negotiation of contract is done with qualified contractors after short listing tenders by client

  • All process of negotiation of contract is done with active involvement of client or client’s representative to keep this whole process transparent and un-biased.

  • Final recommendation of Nexus, for finalizing contractor is being made to client, based on Comparative statement of negotiations.

  • Award of contract is done with work-order based on client’s finalization of contractor.
Contract Administration + Construction Management + Cost & Quality Control

The objective of the construction management team is to provide coordination and control over all aspects of work in the field in order to result in an organized, timely, and cost effective construction effort. This includes the assurance that all of the members of the project team work in concert and carry out their responsibilities on the project. Nexus’s construction management teams operate with the clear understanding that they are the representatives of the Owner in the field and are responsible to the Owner for the complete and successful management of the project. Nexus provides the following construction phase services

Trade Payment Breakdown Review

Each prime contractor submits a trade payment breakdown that is reviewed against the construction estimate to ensure that enough money is included for completion of all items and that there is no "front loading" of costs. Once approved by the Owner the trade payment breakdown is used to generate payment requisitions.

Comprehensive Construction Schedule

In meetings with each contractor, time frames for critical activities and lead times for manufactured items are verified, and the logical sequence of work and interrelation of activities is reviewed. After receiving further comments from the contractors and project team, the updated schedule is issued to the contractors as the official project schedule and is the document used for monitoring the progress of the project.

Schedule Management

To ensure adherence to the official project schedule, Nexus reviews the status of ongoing work activities, ascertaining the requirements for remaining work, and tracking the status of long lead items. Once long lead items have been identified and highlighted on the CPM schedule, the associated procurement, project drawing submittal, and fabrication dates can be calculated, monitored and expedited as needed. The completion of milestone work activities is also monitored with emphasis on activities that are interdependent among the various trades. If slippage occurs in either a long lead item or critical work activity, contractors are directed to take appropriate action.

Construction Supervision

Provision of field superintendents in all construction disciplines to conduct quality review and inspection of work installed by contractors.

Comorehensive Safety Plans

Approval and monitoring of the implementation of contractors’ safety plans. Daily site inspections are conducted to assure that the requirements of the Site Logistics Plan included in the contract documents are met and that the site is kept in good order. The focus of all safety efforts is to protect the lives of the public and safeguard the Owner’s property, adjacent property and the contractor's equipment and materials.

Weekly Job Meetings

Conducted at the work site by Nexus with all members of the project team including major contractors and subcontractors. The primary agenda items are site safety, general conditions, project drawing submittal status, monitoring of long lead items status, scheduling of immediate and long range work activities, quality control, building department approval, utility approvals, coordination of work between prime contractors, and identification and resolution of problems. Minutes of the job meetings are prepared by Nexus.

Coordination Meetings

Conducted by Nexus with the mechanical, plumbing and electrical contractors to resolve conflicts and interferences, obtain sign off of all disciplines on coordination drawings, and ensure that work progresses without delay.

Monthly Core Team Meetings

Held with the Owner, Architect and Nexus to bring individuals not involved daily on the site up to date on
project progress and to discuss, among other issues, the status of the schedule and the budget. The CM
prepares minutes of all Core Team Meetings.

Project Reporting

Preparation of monthly reports on job progress. Provision of site photos to record work progress and monthly reports on the percentage of completion. Any deviation from contract specifications triggers an "exception report" issued to the contractor for corrective work. These reports are recorded on a deficiency log and all work is corrected before final payment is approved.

Testing and Controlled Inspection

Nexus monitors the scheduling and implementation of testing and controlled inspection to ensure that it is completed on schedule and in accordance with code requirements and contract documents.

Evalution and Processing of Change Orders

Review and determination of the validity of proposed contractor change orders, finalizing scopes of work, developing Owner’s estimates for the work, conducting negotiations with the contractor and maintaining a change order log.

Contractor Payment Request

Review and processing of payment requests and provision of a Comprehensive Monthly Financial Summary including all requisitions, payments, and approved, pending and anticipated change orders.

Contractor Claims

Claims are analyzed utilizing contract documents and project records. Recommendations are made to the Owner and negotiations are conducted with the contractor.

Project Record Keeping

Complete Project Files are maintained including Contract Documents, Correspondence, Financial Documents, Owner Requests and Authorizations, RFI Requests and Responses, Addenda, Bulletins, Reports, Meeting Minutes, Requisitions and Requests for Payment, MSDS Sheets, Record Photos. A computerized shop drawing submittal log and schedule is prepared and issued to each contractor. As submittals are received they are logged, processed and forwarded to the Architect for review and approval. Records of all submittals, samples and product data and approvals are kept in the project files for easy reference.

Updated Documents

A complete set of contract documents is updated and maintained by Nexus to reflect all changes due to addenda, Architect's bulletins, program changes, or field changes. All superseded documents are kept on file for change order review and documentation. This careful recordkeeping is important to ensure the availability of documentation for claims or litigation.

Predefined task relationships are maintained & workflow is explained to the team, so that each individual is well aware of his responsibilities and can have a better understanding and control of the project. For proper Project and Quality control each project’s data is electronically maintained using software like MS Project, MS Excel, Primavera, MS Visio, MS Word etc. Project Planning and Scheduling is done in detail. including Financial report is maintained and reported to the Client.

Handing Over

We help collecting document Information related to as built drawings, materials and work related warranties and other pertinent schedules. Warranty Management, Maintenance Setup & Retention Handling.

Project Closure
  • Separate closeout files are created for each prime contractor and a closeout list is prepared including items such as-builts drawings, maintenance and operation manuals, punch lists, owner acceptance, building department sign-off, guarantees, payment affidavit, and the consent of surety.

  • Prior to acceptance by the Owner, "preliminary" and "final" Punch lists are prepared by the project team. Punch list inspections are performed for each contractor.

  • The turn-over and commissioning of all building systems and spaces and the training and assistance of building management staff is coordinated. When the entire project team is fully satisfied with the work, a recommendation is made for final payment and close out of each contract.
Construction Project Management